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Gareth Bale sale is official for a reported world record £85m

Tottenham have reportedly received the world's most expensive transfer fee ever for Gareth Bale.

Ian Walton

Gareth Bale, we hardly knew ye.

Actually, that's a lie. Tottenham Hotspur knew Bale very well, having signed him when he was just 17 years old. They saw him go 24 Premier League matches without a win and doubted whether he could handle the physicality of the league. They also saw him burst onto the world stage by single-handedly destroying Inter Milan in the Champions League and then emerge into one of the best players in all of England.

Now Spurs have seen him become he most expensive player sold in the history of football. Real Madrid have shelled out £85 million for Bale, a Spurs press officer told Joe Prince-Wright, surpassing the £80 million paid for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Tottenham have already put that money to good use, spending more than £100 million this summer anticipating the fat sum of money coming from Madrid for Bale. Now they need their remade team to come together, something that they proved they have yet to do in Sunday's loss to Arsenal -- not that anyone expected them to have put the pieces together so soon.

For Bale, it is a dream move and the end of his time in North London. It's been a good run, Weezus.

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