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Gareth Bale acknowledges how silly 'dream moves' are, says this is his REAL dream move

Here comes the money! Money money money money money!

Jasper Juinen

We all know the joke about Robbie Keane, who has a dozen boyhood clubs. We've heard all about Gareth Bale being a Real Madrid fan since he was a little kid this summer. His agents sent pictures of him in a Madrid kit to MARCA and told them that he's always dreamed of playing for the club of his idols, Raul, Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo. This all seemed very silly.

Gareth Bale knows that this seemed very silly and would like you to know that he is aware of how ridiculous talk of players' dream moves sounds, but that, no really, this is totally his real actual dream move. From his statement on the Tottenham Hotspur website:

"I know many players talk of their desire to join the club of their boyhood dreams, but I can honestly say, this is my dream come true."

Well, I guess we can't deny Bale his dream. Especially while Daniel Levy is backing up a dozen Brinks trucks to the Bernabeu. Here comes the money!

Bale also said all kinds of very nice things about Spurs and Spurs supporters. You can go read his entire statement here.

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