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Tom Ince rumors resurface because reasons

Oh jeez. Tottenham Hotspur have been linked to Blackpool winger Tom Ince again.

Ross Kinnaird

Tottenham Hotspur were linked to Blackpool winger Thomas Ince earlier in the transfer window, but opted not to take their interest very far. Then they spent £7m on Nacer Chadli. Most of us presumed that the money spent on Chadli was the money that we would have spent on Ince, had he been the guy we really wanted, and that was that.

Well, it turns out this still a thing. The Daily Mail is reporting that Tottenham and Blackpool have "opened talks" over the potential deadline day transfer of Ince. He would likely cost around £8m.

Cardiff actually had a bid for Ince accepted earlier in the transfer window, but he turned down the move to stay close to his family. London is farther away from his family than Cardiff, so he'd need to have a change of heart on that matter to want to come to Spurs.

Ince scored a stunning winner at the weekend for Blackpool and looks the part of an £8m player, but it's tough to figure out exactly where he'd fit in at Spurs. Is he really good enough to displace Chadli, Aaron Lennon or Andros Townsend? Would his purchase -- if this has any legs whatsoever -- mean that one of Townsend or Lennon departs?

I don't understand this at all and would not be shocked to learn that it's a nothing rumor.

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