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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links September 10, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and daily links.

Michael Regan

Happy Tuesday Spursland!  I have no existential message for today. Because you can't be a narcissistic blowhard every day, so let us all gather as one and enjoy this gif of the Queen of Spain being all OMG.

And now the "news"

With Spurs' Stockpile Of Midfielders What Role Is Left For Holtby?-Squawka

I've been wondering that myself.  I just want everyone to succeed and be happy and fulfilled, and have butterflies inside their hearts.  Is that so much to ask?

Pritchard Scores Wonder Goal For Jr Spurs-101 Great Goals

If you are anything like the staff of this site then during the dark times of your life you turn to Spurs.  And during the really dark, outer space with no stars kind of times, maybe you and the significant other had a really bad argument that started with "can things other than pasta be al dente" and spiraled into "officer he/she boils live kittens and has Ariel Castro fan-fiction on his/her laptop" well then you probably, like us, fellate yourself  (metaphorically) to the thoughts of how awesome our youngsters are. And they are good, Pritchard amongst the top of the class, and yet See the above article. And much like fantasies about getting to touch the muscles (and anything more than that is too much right?) of the guy from iron man, or getting a date with Jennifer Lawrence, your dream do Pritchard scoring the winner against Chelsea o the last day of the season to clinch the title will never ever happen, because he will be off being good to above average for Watford or someone.

Team Masseur Makes Illegal Double Save, Runs For His Life-SB Nation Soccer

I think it is only proper that if he gets caught everyone gets two free wacks at him, but ONLY THOSE THAT WERE ON THE FIELD.  This isn't some dark ages court in Scandinavia or something.  (What Up Ragnar)

Saying Goodbye To The Woefully Oblivious Chepo-SB Nation Soccer

Not that this wasn't honest but Kevin stuck the knife (very humanly I might add) in so deep that he may have ended up elbow deep in the dude.  i am not sure of that makes sense, or if that is how knives work, but let's go with it.

SI To Release Oklahoma State Report-SB Nation

Imagine everything you assume about the shady world of big time college football recruitment.  Go down the check list.  Money, corrupt coaches, drugs, cover ups, sex as a recruitment tool.  it's basically that.  I know, shocking.

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