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Tottenham Hotspur vs. Norwich City, Man of the match: Christian Eriksen

With so many good performances to choose from it was hard to decide on who should be man of the match, but Christian Eriksen ran the show for Spurs today and deserves the award.

Jamie McDonald

There were so many good performances for Tottenham Hotspur in their match against Norwich City, but when it comes to choosing a man of the match, it really came down to three people. First, there is Danny Rose. The young fullback has improved in every match he's played and looked absolutely amazing in this match. Next, is Gylfi Sigurdsson. The guy scored a brace, so it's hard to count him out. Finally, there is my choice for the award: Christian Eriksen.

Ever since Luka Modric left, Spurs fans have been crying out for a passing midfielder who can make this team run. Whil Eriksen isn't the deeplying-playmaker that Modric was, his skill on the ball and ability to pick out the right passes to his teammates was evident from the moment he stepped on the pitch today. Eriksen got on the ball early and often and made a number of wonderful incisive passes.

The Danish midfielder got the assist on the opening goal and his excellent ball to Paulinho on the right flank helped set-up Gylfi's second. In total, Eriksen made completed 47 of 51 passes, including a key pass and an assist. He had a couple of shots, one on goal. Eriksen also did a good job tracking back and contributed a tackle and an assist.

I know that it seems harsh to not give this award to Gylfi. He's a fan favorite and he certainly deserves recognition for the work he put in today, but Eriksen just made this team work. He found his teammates in dangerous positions and he was always available to receive the ball. He was the missing piece of the puzzle for Spurs today and for that he's our man of the match.

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