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Tottenham Hotspur vs. Norwich City, Working Class Hero: Jan Vertonghen

Spurs' under-the-radar star of last weekend's tie was the Belgian defender who pretty much never seems to put a foot wrong at either end of the pitch.

Clive Mason

So while Danny Rose's sure and steady improvement in a Spurs shirt, Christian Eriksen's silken touch and Gylfi Sigurdsson's lethal accuracy in front of goal were the clearest plus points to take away for Tottenham's weekend tie against Norwich City, did anyone manage to notice that Jan Vertonghen turned in yet another fantastic performance on Saturday? At this point, we almost expect a minimum standard of class and composure from the former Ajax captain every time he goes 90 minutes for the side; however, I really think it's possible to understate just how quietly key Super Jan was to keeping Tottenham looking as comfortable as they did against the Canaries and securing a third clean sheet for Hugo Lloris on the day.

As ever, Vertonghen was extremely tidy in possession on match day, completing 91% of his passes and managing to complete two dribbles whilst carrying the ball out of defence to start off attacks. He also managed three interceptions, won two offsides, and most crucially of all, made a pivotal block on John Elmander six minutes into the game, sliding in to just about prevent the Swede from taking a free shot on goal against an otherwise helpless Hugo Lloris. Little moments in the game like this are often forgotten about when revisiting a tie that one's side largely dominated, but going down to an early goal at that stage would obviously have severely impacted Spurs' chances of having the smooth ride towards victory that they ultimately enjoyed.

Here's to you Jan Vertonghen, Tottenham's unsung hero of the week. Thanks as ever for making it all look easy.


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