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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links September 17, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and daily links.

Michael Regan

Happy Tuesday, Spursland! If you want to have yourself a grand old time, Re-watch the last game, put Eriksen's plays in slow motion on mute.  And use this as the soundtrack, is syncs up pretty well.

Eriksen Is So Exciting Says AVB-Sky Sports

Well, that is one way to describe increased blood flow.

I'm No Ozil" Says Eriksen-Mirror

That's right pal. You, unlike him have the eyes of a human.

Sevilla Fans On A Quest To Find Marko Marin A Spanish Bride-We Ain't Got No History

This is an way to recruit players I had not anticipated. Of course we have all seen player recruitment with the use of sex but never with the use of love.  This is kind of romantic. This feels like the set up for act one of a new Romantic comedy staring Paul Rudd and some adorable foreign actress with an accent. One whose face we recognize from premium cable television but who's name we couldn't possibly know. I mean it will probably be an interesting twist on an old style that ultimately gets dumbed down by Hollywood and is a bust at the box office like No Reservations, but I like where this people's heads are at.

Fellaini And Wayne Rooney Are The Wet Bandits-SB Nation Soccer

So, I guess all we need to do to beat these guys when they come around is figure out who is footballs equivalent to this guy. Then sign him up.

On The Chiefs, Tailgating Strippers, And Two People I'd like To Leave Existence-SB Nation

This couple that complains makes a valid point, we should discriminate as to who can go where based on what they do for a living, and if your job might cause a parent to have a mildly uncomfortable conversation (compared to the big ones) then you shouldn't be allowed to go place where kids might be, you know, like a sex offender.  This is the thing to be worried about when taking your child to a sporting event to tailgate, weather or not people who work as strippers, are dressing casually somewhere around you (you can't be sure until you find them you see) and not all the people drinking to the point of falling down every 6 feet around your children.