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Tottenham Hotspur vs. Tromso preview: The Norwegians are coming

Down with Tromso.

Jamie McDonald

They come from the frigid north.

They cannot be slowed by snow or ice.

They have been trained, or rather built, to be demolition men.

They have the grace and swiftness of reindeer.

They have all been trained by the Wizard of the Arctic.

They are Tromso and they are coming for Tottenham Hotspur.

But Tromso doesn't even like chocolate so they have a clear genetic defect and will probably spontaneously combust at White Hart Lane. There is no word on what they think about bacon, but they odds are that they hate it too. In all likelihood, rainbows make them angry.

Did you know that the favorite pastime of Tromsoians is puppy kicking?

Down with Tromso. Do it for the puppies.

But seriously, Norway is cold and Tromso is in northern Norway. Imagine how cold it is there? I don't care if it's September, it's cold. It's cold in June and July too. They should rename Tromso Coldso. I bet they think London weather is peachy. Those crazy Norwegians.

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