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Spurs to make January move for Juan Mata?

Juan Mata is not in favor at Chelsea for some stupid reason. There's talk that Spurs may make a play for him.

Mike Hewitt

Greetings, Spurs fans!  Dispatches from #batcountry is a regular series here at Cartilage Free Captain where we take a look at football transfer rumors found on the vast plains of the internet, and then tell you why you shouldn't believe them. Some consider it picking low-hanging fruit. We consider it a public service, and an education in why you should not believe anything you read. We're all about edumacating our peeps here at Carty Free Cappy.

I bet you didn't expect a transfer rumor report in September, did you? Well, neither did I, but #batcountry never sleeps. So while Commissioner McCauley turns on the #batcountry-Signal, let's take a look at the first good rumor of the January silly season: The Independent, citing Portuguese newspaper Record, is pretty darned sure that AVB wants to make a move for Chelsea's Juan Mata.

Whoa! This actually has a grain of plausibility to it. For some stupid reason, Jose Mourinho is not fond of Mata, who was only one of the best players in England last year. But whatever. Clearly he's got to go, and why not to Spurs? After all, it was Andre Villas-Boas who signed Mata for Chelsea to begin with. He clearly is fond of him. Also, in a World Cup year, Mata will want to get as much playing time as possible to maximize his chances of making the Spanish national team.

So I have no doubt whatsoever that AVB would want to make a move for a massively morose and marginalized Mata. Tottenham have already shown they are willing to spend big, and with the Bale sale their total outlay isn't even that much. They've got the cash to make another major signing. And also, while we're not short of attacking players, can you even imagine what our midfield options would look like with the addition of Juan Mata? Wow. I mean, really. Wow.

But whether or not Mourinho is willing to sell Mata (which is not even a certainty because it's still September), there's no way on God's green earth that he will sell to Spurs. Not only is there some talk that the relationship between Villas-Boas and Mourinho has cooled somewhat, but in a season where, thus far, Chelsea seems to be underachieving, strengthening a direct rival would be a sub-optimal move for the Blues. Mata would probably have to a) demand a transfer and b) specifically request a move to Tottenham for this rumor to get any traction. The Independent also notes that Napoli has also shown interest in signing a want-away Mata, and if he wants to go I'm sure there will be no shortage of suitors that can offer him everything Spurs can, and more.

So, alas, at this point it's #batcountry. On the other hand, I did a similar article early in the summer about how utterly stupid the rumors were about us wanting to sign Christian Eriksen. Welp. Nobody's perfect.

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