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Potential Tottenham Hotspur arrivals: Fabio Coentrao

It's been a crazy summer. Why not get a little crazier with an upgrade at left back?

Denis Doyle

This post is part of a deadline morning series on potential Tottenham transfers.You can find all of the posts in the series right here, as well as the initial post explaining this series right here.

Marcelo is first choice left back at Real Madrid, there are a couple of other players who can fill in at that spot at the Bernabeu and Granada seems willing to cash in on their star, Guilherme Siqueira, who Madrid is reportedly interested in. There doesn't look to be a place at the Bernabeu for Fabio Coentrao under Carlo Ancelotti.

Coentrao's still a useful player, though, and has waffled about whether or not he'd like to leave. Madrid has also waffled about whether or not they'd like to sell him. Not only do we not know whether or not he has any interest in going to Tottenham Hotspur, we don't know if he's actually for sale, period. The rags say he is and say that Spurs are still talking to him, but no one really seems to know anything.

Quick bio: Fabio Coentrao is an attacking left back who joined Real Madrid from Benfica in 2011. They paid £25m for him, but seem resigned to not recouping that entire fee. He's played left midfield and central midfield as well, and is certainly better going forward than he is at defending.

Age: 25

Likelihood he's transfered today: Moderate to high. He's probably not in Real Madrid's plans. There are conflicting reports on how determined he is to leave, but it seems like he'd prefer a transfer to signing a new contract with Madrid.

Potential suitors: Tottenham Hotspur seem like the biggest one, though Manchester United could make a move if Everton refuse to budge on Leighton Baines.

Price if he's sold: £15-17m.

Are Spurs the front-runners?: I'd say so, I don't think United or any other team 'bigger' than Spurs is that serious about him.

The verdict - Could he be a Spurs player on September 3?: Yes, I think it's quite possible, but I wouldn't be stunned if we buy a different, less expensive left back that we haven't been linked to that strongly (or at all).

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