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Potential Tottenham Hotspur departures: Jermain Defoe

Weirder things have happened than Spurs selling Jermain Defoe on deadline day.

Jamie McDonald

This post is part of a deadline morning series on potential Tottenham transfers.You can find all of the posts in the series right here, as well as the initial post explaining this series right here.

Jermain Defoe is one of just two fit Tottenham Hotspur strikers at the moment. Last year, he was one of only two strikers for most of the campaign. He wasn't great -- he scored 11 league goals and 15 in all competitions -- but it certainly wasn't a poor return for a player who was being used in a system and role he hasn't played in during his career.

While Defoe has worked on his hold-up play quite a bit and he's still a great energy guy off the bench, he doesn't fit the current Spurs team. He's a Harry Redknapp guy, best utilized in a direct system and paired with a target man. He's just going to be backup trying to extend his career in a team that doesn't suit him if he stays at Spurs.

Quick bio: Jermain Defoe has played for Tottenham in two spells: From 2004-08 and 2009-present. In that time, he's scored 135 goals for Spurs and 90 in the Premier League. He's wonderful and we love him. He's also a wee bit of a specialist from a previous era.

Age: 30

Likelihood he'll play if he stays: Not great, but you never know when injuries happen.

Potential suitors: West Brom, Stoke, Newcastle, West Ham ... you name an average English team, they want him.

Price if he's sold: £5-10m

Loan or sale?: Sale, no use loaning a 30-year-old.

The verdict - Will he be an active Spurs player on September 3?: I'm actually going to guess that Defoe makes a surprise departure. Notice the wide variation in the predicted price? That's because the presence of four (or more) clubs in the Defoe bidding could spark a bit of a bidding war that brings his price tag up to eight figures for whoever really wants him. Spurs can buy a comparable player in his early 20s for that price. I'm not showing Jermain the door for nothing, but I seriously think that enough mid-table teams with money are desperate that Levy and Baldini won't be able to say no.

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