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Hulk to Tottenham rumors won't go away

Hulk rumor? Hulk rumor!

Clive Mason

Tottenham Hotspur have been linked to Hulk for more than a year so, naturally, he is rumored to be a target yet again this deadline day. The written reports of Spurs' interest are days old -- as in before the club completed the deal for Eric Lamela -- but that hasn't stopped Sky Sports News and a handful of tabloids around Europe from saying that a deal is still up in the air.

A move for Hulk makes little sense with Lamela in the fold. The Argentine is best cutting in on the right wing, which is the same role Hulk excels in. The Brazilian could also play as a center forward and while Spurs may still buy a backup to Roberto Soldado, any purchase would be just that -- a backup. Spending £30 million on a backup is ridiculous at almost every club in the world and Spurs may have spent lavishly this summer, but it's still ridiculous for them too.

Expect the Hulk rumors to last all day because it's deadline day and every rumor is on the table, but the return of Alan Hutton is as likely as the Brazilian signing up for Spurs. Also of note, I like pie.

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