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A signing Everton and Newcastle can beat Tottenham Hotspur to

At least Tottenham Hotspur are starting to get some competition for Tom Ince.

Ross Kinnaird

Overnight, the Daily Mail said that Tottenham Hotspur had rekindled their interest in Tom Ince and would try to sign him by the transfer deadline. Provided that initial report was accurate and Spurs are actually interested, the Mail thinks they have some competition on their hands. Everton and Newcastle have reportedly entered the race for Ince's services.

Even with three fairly big clubs interested, there's not likely to be much of a bidding war. Blackpool's hands are a bit tied by the fact that they accepted a £8m bid from Cardiff earlier in the window. They might be able to suck a bit more out of Ince's suitors because it's deadline day, but it won't be anything extravagant.

I'm not exactly feeling "2/10 would not sign" about Ince, but more like "this is not a player we particularly need". He's also said that he wants to stay close to his family (his dad is the manager of Blackpool), so a move to London would go against those statements. He'd also be unlikely to play very often for Spurs.

At Everton, he'd have competition for his place but he'd be very close to his father and the rest of his family. At Newcastle, he'd probably be a star. Both clubs would be willing to give him a big raise on his current wages, without question. If I'm him, I don't care that Spurs are the 'biggest' of the three clubs and they're the third option out of the three on my list.

I'm kind of hoping this goes away soon, but it's deadline day, so it'll probably stick with us for a while.

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