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Lewis Holtby back in the U21 squad for Norwich City tie

Tottenham's youth squad will once again welcome first teamer Holtby into the side for tonight's FA Youth Cup match.

Clive Rose

Having continued his return to full fitness with an excellent performance and a goal last Thursday in the Europa League against Dinamo Tbilisi, Lewis Holtby will hope to get himself fully up to speed with the rest of the first team tonight as Spurs take on Norwich at White Hart Lane. The tie seems the young Spurs continuing their FA Youth Cup campaign which kicked off with a 3-2 comeback win against West Ham (in which Holtby also scored).

It's a shame that Lewis couldn't have come back into the side to make an appearance in the NLD yesterday, as Spurs were gasping for the kind of creativity and link play that he was originally brought in to the side to provide. However, there equally would have been no point in risking him in a big game if he wasn't assessed to be fully up to the challenge; using a lower-stakes match to help him finish up his return from injury whilst simultaneously giving the U21s another boost will probably end up being the wiser course of action.

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