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Hulk will cost £10m just to loan

Good god, surely this is a complete non-starter?


Sky Sports is doing their thing on transfer deadline day as always, with various reporters at the Premier League clubs' training grounds, digging up stories on whatever club they've been assigned to cover for the day. Sky has Aidan Magee on the scene in Enfield, and boy, does he have a doosie for us. Check out what he had to say about a potential Hulk loan, via Sky's transfer live blog:

Tottenham have been linked with Hulk, Zenit have quoted £10million for the season to take him on loan. £10million for the season, I would say that is incredible.

Good lord! I'm hoping that he means it would be a £10m total outlay, including Hulk's wages for the season, as opposed to a £10m loan fee. If Zenit St. Petersburg want a loan fee of £10m and for Tottenham Hotspur to pay Hulk's wages, that's obviously ridiculous and not something we're going to bite on. If it's total cost, including wages? Less absurd, but still dumb.

I'd really like this Hulk rumor to go away. Hell, I'd prefer the corpse of Leandro Damiao to paying a significant fee -- loan or permanent -- for Hulk. He's quality, but Zenit paid too much for him in the first place and I don't want us to be the second team to overpay.

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