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Transfer deadline day 2013: Tracker, open thread and Tottenham Hotspur rumours

Awwwww yeah. It's transfer deadline day. Let's do this.

Michael Regan

Happy Transfer deadline day, ladies and gentlemen! Tottenham Hotspur got most of their business done early and shouldn't be outrageously active today, but you never know what could happen. As I've said a few times today, Daniel Levy is still our chairman and our current net spend is nothing. There's no reason we can't make things happen.

This is your open thread for deadline day. Below, you can find links to our transfer stories, separated into real news, rumors that could be legitimate and stuff that's just absolutely bonkers.

Real, actual transfer news

- Benny and Carroll loaned to QPR

Reasonable rumors

- Ba's agents confirm Spurs loan bid
- Sunderland in for Siggy?
- Bid for Nicolas Spolli rejected
- Coentrao probably not coming
- No one can afford Adebayor

#Batcountry things

- In for Alvaro Pereira?
- Tancredi trolling: Torres for Adebayor?
- Apparently £10m for Hulk was what we offered, not what Zenit requested
- Spurs, Everton, Newcastle battle for Tom Ince

The above space will be updated frequently throughout the day. If this thread goes over 1,000 comments, which seems likely, we will create a new one.

Oh, and we have some news other than transfer stuff, if you haven't seen. Etienne Capoue will only miss four weeks, while Lewis Holtby is in the Under-21 squad to face Norwich today.

Chat away below!

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