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Spurs chasing Hulk and offered big fee, but Zenit not interested for now

Hulk to Spurs seems odd, but the club apparently want him and are willing to pay a pretty penny just to take him on loan.

Scott Heavey

Tottenham Hotspur are apparently willing to pay Zenit St. Peterburg £10 million to take Hulk on loan for the season. Unfortunately, the Russians are not interested in the deal.

That is a lot of money to pay for a loan, and it seems especially crazy for a team with Roberto Soldado and Eric Lamela to make that deal. Hulk likes to play either on the right or in the center, positions Spurs have paid in excess of £50 million to upgrade this summer and now they are going to spend another £10 million just to take the Brazilian on loan? Either he or Lamela could move to the left, but this is still a very, very curious move.

It looks like Zenit will block Spurs' bizarre loan for Hulk, but that could change if they sign Andriy Yarmolenko. The Russians are reportedly in on the Ukrainian forward and if they can secure his signature, Hulk could be more expendable. The problem is the Russian transfer window closes two hours before the English one does so Zenit will have to move very, very quickly to sign Yarmolenko if Tottenham are going to have a chance at Hulk.

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