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Spurs wanted Torres for Adebayor swap

"You don't want your striker? I don't want mine either! Let's swap!"

Alexander Hassenstein

Do you think watching Fernando Torres play for Chelsea is hilarious? What if he played for Tottenham Hotspur?

Troll king Tacredi, please take your throne.

Tancredi is just passing along a Sky Italy report, but you know he had to pause mid-tweet for a good laugh when sending this one out. This would be simultaneously the best and worst transfer ever.

Setting aside that Torres' wages dwarf even Emmanuel Adebayor's (Spurs relative) obscene wages and the idea of Spurs and Chelsea working together on anything right now, if this happened it would be one of the most entertaining deals ever. Either Torres' fall would hit new lows or his career would be revived and the Blues would ram their heads into a wall 10 times for every goal he scored.

Too bad this isn't real because it would be hilarious. Troll on, Tancredi.

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