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Alvaro Pereira linked to Tottenham Hotspur. Can we not do this?

I know we need a left back, but can we at least sign one that has defended something, ever, at some point in his life?

Laurence Griffiths

Uruguayan international left back Alvaro Pereira has a nice left foot, is pretty good going forward, has put in some great performances for his national team and has worked with Andre Villas-Boas at Porto. Apparently AVB rates him and Tottenham needs a left back, so we're being linked. It's super #batcountry from a #batcountry as all heck site, but let's talk about this anyway.

Sport Mediaset, take it away! Translation is from Edward G. Oogle, clarified by me.

Inter remains on standby pending the sale of Alvaro Pereira, who Tottenham are interested in ... Pereira has not convinced the Inter coach and, therefore, could either leave outright (the club asks around 8-9 million) or go on loan.

Walter Mazzarri sticks to a strict back-three system and loves attacking wingbacks. He helped made Christian Maggio, who can't defend at all, into a star. And yet Mazzarri doesn't rate Pereira at all. That should seriously tell you something.

I really, really do not want Pereira and will be disappointed if we pay €8m for him.

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