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Tottenham offer Adebayor plus cash for Fernando Torres? Come on.

Surely this is some sort of wind-up?

Michael Regan

I really cannot believe this absolute nonsense. After we heard reports that a bid of a straight swap of Emmanuel Adebayor for Fernando Torres was rejected by Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur have apparently upped the ante. Then Chelsea apparently rejected. Emphasis on apparently, because this is just absolutely ridiculous. We can only hope this is made up. Please, based god, let this be a joke.

King Troll Tancredi, do it:

Tancredi Palmeri could be ill. He could be hallucinating. He could just be really bored. He could be a Hugo Schwyzer-like troll who makes things up for attention. He could just be a guy who passes along insane things he hears. I might be going nuts.

I have nothing more to say about this.

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