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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links September 20, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and daily links.

Jamie McDonald

Happy Friday, Spursland! It is a fine day when we can reach out to those we normally don't like, our competitors, and have a reason to be happy for them. Today it is Fulham's turn. Way to go Cottagers, you finally got that awful Michael Jackson Statue to be removed.

And now the "news"

Romanian Captain Sets To Reveal His New Club, Guess Which Two English Teams Are Linked To Him-Sky Sports

Yes, that is a double dose of #batcountry in September.

Tromso Fan Pulls ON Arsenal Shirt At White heart Lane-101 Great Goals

And predictable Arsenal reaction to this not great, if anything misfired attempt at a burn, is hilarious.  She isn't one of your fans guys, she isn't a "legendary" Arsenal fan.  She is someone with access to Amazon and had surplus funds and not very much creativity.

UEFA Associations Against Summer World Cup In Qatar-SB Nation Soccer

What an incredible cock up this is turning into.  Bet money right now that in 2020, 2 years out from Qatar  that everyone and their mother will be panicking about what this will mean.  The rescheduling of all the leagues, the inevitable injuries and all the other garbage that comes along with major tournaments, only right in the middle of the season.  But don't worry kids, because Ole Sepp Blatter is on the case.

Napoli Fans So Loud The Echo Throughout The City-SB Nation Kicking Balls

I've never wanted to be a drunk Italian more in my life.

Floyd Mayweather's $40 Million Check-SB Nation

This just seems so delightfully personal.  Also who knows how to photoshop AND has seen Catch Me If You Can more than once?  If you have get at me, we are about to be filthy rich.