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Saturday Football Open Thread

Watch the football!

Jamie McDonald

Join us as the titans of Norwich City take on the giants of Aston Villa, making both of them look normal sized.

Later we have other clashes that will go down in history as some of the many football matches that are happening this weekend, matches like Liverpool v. Southampton or Newcastle v. Hull.

And in the late game we have the West London Derby between Chelsea and Fulham, in a match that's already being described as happening today.


All matches and times (UK/ET):

Norwich vs. Aston Villa - 12:45 pm/7:45 am
Assorted Bundesliga - 2:30 pm/9:30 am
Liverpool vs. Southampton - 3 pm/10 am
Newcastle vs. Hull - 3 pm/10 am
WBA vs. Sunderland - 3 pm/10 am
West Ham vs. Everton - 3 pm/10 am
Chelsea vs. Fulham - 5:30 pm/12:30 pm
Schalke vs. Bayern Munich - 5:30 pm/12:30 pm
Rayo vs. Barcelona - 7 pm/2 pm
LA Galaxy vs. Seattle Sounders - 3:30 am/10:30 pm