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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links September23, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and daily links.

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Ben Hoskins

Happy Monday, Spursland!  A few words on Andros Townsend to start your week.

There once was a man with three quarrelsome sons.  They fought constantly, until one day the man's wife said to him I've had enough they either have to move out or stop fighting. The man responded by getting out of his armchair and going out to the tree in his front yard.  He walked around under the tree picking up all the many many little twigs they tend to gather under such threes until he had a bundle about 4 inches in diameter.  He wrapped a rubber band around both ends of the bundle, then called his sons to him.  He held out the bundle to the first son and asked him to break it.  The first son could not.  The same with the second son, and the third son.  Then the father took up the bundle and said I'll show you how.  he removed the rubber bands then took each small twig in turn, on it's own and easily snapped them one by one. He look at his boys and said, "Do you get it?" and he walked away.  My point, dear friends, is that Andros Townsend was selfish yesterday and it held the team back. Poor shot opportunities taken again and again, being the guy to take that free kick outside the box even though Eriksen and Siggy were on the field.  You have to play with the people around you, and get rid of whoever in your life is whispering to you that you are the next Bale, because you are not.

And now the "news"

Mackay Says Bale Deal Transformed Spurs-BBC

Thank you for being possibly the last person to come to that conclusion.

Eriksen Relieved To Have Turned Down Man City Move Last Year-Telegraph

Smart fella.

Spurs Fans Defy FA Again With Y-Word Chants-Mirror

I posted that just to continue my longstanding tradition of trying to make Bryan A as mad as possible, and also because I can post this.

Paolo Di Canio Sacked by Sunderland-Roker Report

Things have been said about Paolo Di Canio in the past, by me and others about his maybe political leanings or his maybe feeling about race. But let's forget all that.  What he did following the loss over the weekend to the fans was awesome, from the point of view of any coach who is just smashing his head against the wall, unable to understand why the stuff he is trying isn't working.  Any coach that feels that the losses are not his fault but still the fans boo him.  I bet you anything Juande Ramos will have favorited that video right next to the rest of his spank bank.

City Smash United-The Busby Babe

Not so long ago i called for David Moyes to be given a proper chance before the media sand the fans did the inevitable and cut off his head for the crime of not being Sir Alex.  I was right then.  But it would appear that even for the more patient fans, while the gas on the hot seat is not up to high just yet it is on and the pot is beginning to heat up and oh god could I stretch out this metaphor anymore?

Dominic Oduro Needs A Snack-SB Nation Soccer

This is very much like Chad Johnson from 2007.

UFC 165 Fight Coverage-Bloodyelbow

One of the best top to bottom cards in a long time, headlined by the best light heavyweight title fight in years.