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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links September 24, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and daily links.

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Ben Hoskins

Happy Spursday, Spursland! Tom Carroll starts or we riot. Yes, I know I've said that before and we didn't riot but I totally mean it this time.

And now the "news"

AVB: Villa's Unfair Advantage-Sky Sports

Also unfairly in Villa's favor is that all of their good players are out injured.

Bale Out With Muscle Fatigue-Telegraph

Gareth Bale, the manliest of men.  I hear he is a crab fisherman in the Bering sea during the off-season.

Caulker Fancies Tottenham's Title Chances After Clash-Mirror

We get it Steve you read Cartilage Free Captain, particularly our fancy algorithm posts.  And really how great would it be if Brixton or Blasiansays was actually Steven Caulker.

New Title Challengers Emerge Across Europe-SB Nation Soccer

That guy you like, remember him?  You know, "That Guy.  He wrote some nice things about us for once, albeit in a backhanded way.  Oh That Guy, you never change.

Head First Tackle Goes Predictably Well-SB Nation Soccer

And a new era was born in football.

Top Three Picks For New Sunderland Manager-Roker Report

Why is Harry Redknapp not on this list?

Manny Machado's Injury And The Unbearable Disappointment Of The 2013 Orioles-Baseball Nation

It is important to remember those who are hit hardest by these events.  No not me, or Skipjack or any of the other knuckleheads from Baltimore, it is Ryan Rosenblatt who we must keep in our thoughts and prayers. Without Manny Machado playing, Ryan will be forced to go back to using regular old porn with people like having sex in front of cameras and stuff.  So sad.

The Best Wedding Toast Troll Job Ever

Sweet burn bro.