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Danny Rose Out For Villa Tie, May Return On The Weekend According To Villas-Boas

Andre Villas-Boas assures us that Danny Rose is definitely 100% probably maybe presumably hopefully going to be fit and ready to start for the side again before long.

Clive Rose

INJURY NEWS KLAXON! Well, kind of. Andre Villas-Boas has confirmed that injured left-back Danny Rose is likely to start against Chelsea, presuming that he passes a reassessment which will aim to confirm that he's not running around on a foot that is partially broken.

"Danny's injury is not on his ankle, it is on his big toe".

"We have good news in that there is no fracture but there is another extension of the toe which has left him with some pain.

"We will reassess him and if he is okay and there is definitely no fracture he will probably be back for Chelsea."

So there you have it. Danny Rose nailed on to start the derby on Saturday, unless of course he doesn't. Still, football injuries are one of the rare exceptions to the "no news is good news" rule, and the suggestion seems to be that the prolonging of his absence is merely precautionary. Hopefully we'll see Rose back in the starting lineup sooner than teammates Jermain Defoe, Nacer Chadli and Aaron Lennon, on whom we are all awaiting updates.

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