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Aston Villa vs. Tottenham Hotspur, Man of the match: Lewis Holtby

Tottenham Hotspur's German playmaker takes the plaudits for this match, beating out Jermain Defoe and his two goals.

Clive Rose

Tottenham Hotspur played a injury weakened Aston Villa team at Villa Park in the Capital One Cup on Tuesday and managed a 4-0 triumph. There were a couple of good  performances, but the standout ones were turned in by Jermain Defoe and Lewis Holtby. Defoe scored a brace for the second time in as many games, but it is the playmaking German that gets our man of the match award.

This seems to be a trend with these awards. Scoring doesn't always mean you get a man of the match award. More than likely the award is going to go to the player that created the goals. However, when the pass that creates the goals looks like this how can you not hand over the award?

Not only did Holtby contribute that wonderful little chipped pass, but he also contributed two other assists for a whopping total of three. THREE ASSISTS! IN ONE GAME! Christian Eriksen only managed one assist in his awesome game. That makes Lewis Holtby three times more awesome than Eriksen. Seriously though, Holtby ran the show for Tottenham when they were on the attack and he played a number of good incisive passes. He looked every bit the creative player Spurs thought they were getting when they signed him back in January.

It's really key for Holtby to shine like this when he gets the chance. Both he and Defoe have essentially been designated as Cup Players and they have to go out and put on a show in those fixtures if they want to earn starts in the league. I think given this match both players might warrant consideration against Chelsea.

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