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Saturday football open thread

Well, that draw was a minor buzzkill, but certainly not depressing. Talk about the other football.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

There's all kinds of football of both kinds on today. First up, the kind Tottenham play. Times are in ET. For UK, add 5 hours.

Various Bundesliga games - 9:30 am
Various Premier League games (Villa-City the TV game in America) - 10 am
Almeria vs. Barcelona - 12 pm
Genoa vs. Napoli - 12 pm
Swansea vs. Arsenal - 12:30 pm
AC Milan vs. Sampdoria - 2:45 pm
Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid - 4 pm

If you like the other kind of football (times ET):

Sakerlina vs. UCF - 12 pm
LSU vs. Georgia - 3:30 pm
Oklahoma vs. Notre Dame - 3:30 pm
Ole Miss vs. Alabama - 6:30 pm
Arizona vs. Washington - 7 pm
Wisconsin vs. Ohio State - 8 pm

This is your open thread, so chat away.