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Hashtag Brigade saves Tottenham from Madrid partnership

Thank you Twitter. You were our only hope.

Valerio Pennicino

Thanks to a voracious hashtag campaign on twitter, Tottenham Hotspur announced today that they are severing their special partnership with Real Madrid.

"Thanks to #endmadridpartnership I realized that we need to stop working with Real Madrid CF," said Spurs chairman Daniel Levy. "I would like to thank those courageous twitter users who, despite no knowledge of what the deal involved, brought its negative effects to my attention. They are heroes who deserve their place alongside Ardiles, Hoddle, and Blanchflower in our club's proud history for ending this partnership, which largely revolved around behind the scenes, non-football operations."

"Their service to the club is of a fantastic dimension," said manager Andre Villas Boas. "If only their hard work could have been done sooner and stopped the sale of Gareth Bale, which never would have happened without the facilitation of this special relationship. They opened our eyes to this self-inflicted wound."

Real Madrid President Florentino Perez was said to be furious over the diligence of the Tottenham faithful. Confident he had the wool pulled over the eyes of the otherwise savvy Tottenham chairman, the galactico-obsessed construction magnate was furious at the social media campaign. "I WOULD HAVE GOT AWAY WITH IT TOO!" he fumed. "IF IT WEREN'T FOR THOSE MEDDLESOME HASHTAGS!"

When asked for comment, prominent Spurs social media users all issued the same response "#yourwelcome." They then implored the club to bid on Luka Modric and arrange a loan move for Tom Carroll to Barcelona. One can only hope the club will heed their sage advice.

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