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Spurs Premier League fixture list undergoes changes for Europa League

The Europa League is here, which means Premier League fixture changes.

Michael Regan

Tottenham Hotspur's advancement to the Europa League group stage means six Thursday matches this fall and, as a result, five changes to the Premier League schedule as the club gets Saturday matches pushed back to Sunday (on of the matches after a Europa League date was already scheduled for Sunday). If Spurs advance to the knockout stages, there will be more of this in the spring, but for now, it's only the group stage matches that have forced changes.

Matches at Manchester City (now November 24, 1:30 p.m./8:30 a.m.) and home to Manchester United (now December 1, 12 p.m./7 a.m.) were re-scheduled last week with the match vs. the Red Devils a result Spurs' advancement in the Europa League and the trip to the Etihad for TV. On Wednesday, Tottenham announced the changes to the remaining three matches, although Spurs' visit from Liverpool has not been assigned a kickoff time yet.

Schedule changes (GMT/ET)

- September 22 at Cardiff City, 4 p.m./11 a.m.

- October 6 vs. West Ham United, 4 p.m./11 a.m.

- October 27 vs. Hull City, 4 p.m./11 a.m.

- December 15 vs. Liverpool, TBD

Of the five matches that have been changed, two of them are against Sky Six clubs, which doesn't bode well for Spurs. That means they will have Thursday matches before taking on Manchester United and Liverpool. At least Spurs are home in Europa League before taking on Liverpool, but they will be in Norway before their clash with the Red Devils. All of this will force Andre Villas-Boas to consider resting a slew of starters in the Europa League ahead of big league matches or hope that his players are fit enough to play 90 minutes twice in four days. Odds are, he will choose the latter.

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