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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For September 5, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and notes with optimism.

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David Ramos

Happy Thursday, Spursland! We have had a pretty good run lately, haven't we?

Oh, pipe down about that game against those nobodies. You know what I mean. We had a summer where we finally got EVERYTHING we wanted, and some things we didn't even dare to dream about (hi Chris Eriksen). But we should be careful not to fly too close to the sun like poor Icarus. In the interest of bringing us all back down to earth, I'd like to remind us all that we live in a world where people start "branding" their children as infants and take it seriously.

And now the "news"

Ian Holloway Will Not Contest His Two-Match Ban Stemming From Spurs Tie- The Guardian

I always like it when you see someone accept their penalty when they did something wrong. It shows class, right A-Rod?

Madrid's Lockeroom Leaders Are Upset At Trading Ozil For Bale- Telegraph

Locker room disputes and palace intrigue at Madrid, news at 11.

Bale Says Transfer Saga was "Stressful"- The Guardian

Well so was watching you these last couple of years every time you crumpled to the ground and clutched at some body part while making what can only be described as "sex faces," every time just wondering if this one was real, you frail, frail thespian.

It's Time To Stop Laughing At Everton- SB Nation Soccer

Were people laughing at Everton before? Fuck you if you were laughing at Everton, it isn't their fault that they are that way!

Toronto FC Fires GM- SB Nation Soccer

Everyone I know who has met him says nice things. Sucks.

SB Nations NFL Team-By-Team Preview- SB Nation


Costa Rica Are Still Really Pissed About That Snow Game- Deadspin

I can take everything else, but the cabbies is over the line. Keep in mind I used to regularly, like everyday, commute two hours each way through DC traffic. That is how much I fear the power of the cabbies. I've heard some epic stories about cabbies and farmers and teamsters in France clogging up Parisian traffic in protest of stuff, and traffic jams are a kick in the balls.

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