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Friday Morning Community Hoddle of Coffee

Never read the articles? Today you get to make your own!

Jamie McDonald

Well everybody, it appears from what I can gather that our good friend theroosevelts was unable to throw together a Hoddle of Coffee last night; thus, in lieu of the usual beautifully-constructed, meticulously proofed and totally readable content you get in this post every day, we're inviting you all once again to create your own Hoddle by sharing some links and engaging in some general footbawwww' chatter. Here's a couple to get you started.

AVB: Spurs bowed to Bale pressure- Yahoo! Sport

A man who routinely fails to overcome the force of imaginary tackles was able to break the iron will of Daniel Levy? 'Kaaaaay.

Willian basically admits that he was accounting for Chelsea bid gazump- Metro

What a lovely chap.

Spurs tried to sign Pato- Here Is The City

As a Milan supporter, I'm very pleased that we basically missed out on what for me would have been the equivalent of scooping up dog poop from your living room floor and then posting it through the letterbox of your holiday home.