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Monday Morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links September 9, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and daily links.

Chris Brunskill

Happy Monday, Spursland!  What a great game this is. Arguably the king of all organized sports, but when was the last time you played. I'm not talking about kicking the ball around a bit with your niece in the backyard until she loses interest and asks for a juice box. I mean there are referees and an opposition who has had an organized practice.  When was the last time for you? For me until this past Saturday it was 13 years. I was 14 and playing on the JV b (or third level) team in a high school of around 120 boys. Then Saturday when I played along with several other alumni of the school, the oldest being 60 (he played the entire fucking game constantly fell down trying to keep pace with attacking wingers and at one point just ran a striker on a breakaway over on defense), we took on the current varsity side and we lost 4-2. The game was much closer than that as our defense disintegrated after a few late arriving subs came on for defenders and refused to play anything other than attacking mid putting our formation at a 2 (including one 60 year old) 7-1, but what I took away from this incredibly low-talent fixture was the pace things happened. My god I am actually a better athlete than I was at 14, and I understand the game way more but everything happened so goddamn fast and your touch in the middle of the fray, good lord, it doesn't exist.  I can forgive Adebayor a years worth of giveaways due to a heavy first touch knowing how I played.

What i am trying to say dear friends is that we love this team, yes.  We soar to the heavens when they win and we crash into hell when they lose, of course we do.  But we of (probably) no real talent should stop being such astounding assholes when Michael Dawson is a step late in closing down his man.

And now the "news"

Chapions League football wouldn't have kept Bale At Spurs-Guardian

Of course it wouldn't you henchman of the man you.  Although I should be careful about who we refer to as the man.  This club is so big that at this point I would say if we win the next 4 in a row it will become successful enough that it will be unacceptable for people who are non English to decide it is time to sport us.  Just like every Chelsea and Man United fan you see with their overly styled hair and Birkenstock at the student union.

Zidane can't comprehend that Bale cost £86 million-Metro

He isn't but thanks for the new team and enough change to splurge on trying experimenting with David Changes Chicken and caviar dish at home

I Feel For This Little Mexico Fan-SB Nation Soccer

please don't feel anything for or on little Mexican fans.  I am a mandatory reporter.

Has David Moyes Made His First Mistake?-SB Nation Soccer

Ever proving that old adage that it is the fool who follows in the footsteps of greatness, I give you the press coverage of David Moyes.  They were waiting to pounce on his first mistake or something.  Now think about your day this morning.  assuming you have left bed yet.  Analyze your actions with this same level of scrutiny you imagine a BPL manager gets.  If you are anything like me you probably made a backers dozen of mistakes by the time you exit the shower.

Wrestling Reinstated As An Olympic Sports-SB Nation


Bench Colapes Underneath Maryland Soccer Fans-Deadspin

I like this video for a few reasons.  it continues the DC area's tradition of unsure footing at soccer events (photo credit to this guy right here) and also it disproves the notion statistically a significant portion of you out have that women aren't real fans.  They are just there because it's an easy way to pick up dudes, or something.  Look in that women's eyes my friends, she's got the fever.  And the only prescription, is did you really think I was going to end this with a cowbell joke?  What kind of a hack do you think I am?