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Tottenham Hotspur defender escapes FA sanctions

Kyle Walker will not face any sort of punishment following his indiscretions at a Sheffield nightclub.

Clive Rose

In a story that I didn't even know existed until last night, the English Football Association has chosen not take action against Kyle Walker for inhaling Nitrous Oxide during a night out at Sheffield night club. The FA has issued a statement saying the following:

Kyle Walker has expressed his regret for an error of judgement when inhaling Nitrous Oxide earlier this year.

The FA and the England manager have spoken to Kyle about the matter and he has assured us it will not happen again.

Inhaling Nitrous Oxide is not illegal, but we recognise the associated dangers.

Kyle has accepted this mistake. He will not face any action under the England Player Code of Conduct.

As the statement points out, Walker didn't do anything illegal when he inhaled Nitrous Oxide, which is apparently referred to as "hippy crack" from a balloon. I've never felt more out of touch with the world than I did when reading this story. My first thought when I saw Kyle Walker and Nitrous Oxide in a headline with to make a Fast and Furious joke. Apparently, Nitrous Oxide is a thing the kids are doing now. Who knew?

On the list of things that I care about footballers doing, this is pretty low, ranking right up there with getting drunk at a pub. If it's not illegal, then I'm not sure what the issue is. People have harped on it not being safe, but lots of things in life aren't safe and we don't expect players to apologize for them. In the end, at least Walker has apologized, expressed regret. and the FA has agreed to move on. We should probably all do that, because this whole thing is stupid.

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