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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For January 10, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and notes, WITH EAGLES!

Paul Gilham

Happy Friday Spursland! Well, it is Crystal Palace weekend, folks (do people outside the United States say folks?), and I assume this will be another game that will have us walking on eggshells.

Yes, Palace sucks. Yes, we are apparently kind of okay at this sport, but this is Spurs we are talking about here. We don't know Tim Sherwood isn't about to bring on some up-and-coming 13-year-old at the half for some seasoning. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN, DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?

And now the "news"

Lamela's Father Claims Erik Wants To Go Back To Italy, But Spurs Won't Let Him Go- Sky Sports

That dull thumping hum you are hearing is the sound of a helicopter parent. Let the kid take a few knocks and grow into his own person and be his own man, dad.

Spurs Youth Shine Under Sherwood- ESPNFC

I wouldn't say they have shined. If they shine at all they shine like a light bulb made with opaque glass.

MLS, America's Newest Land Of Oprotunity-SB Nation Soccer

Shout out to Ryan Rosenblatt for the most meta of all meta titles. What, is it meta? What the hell does meta mean and why are so many people saying it all the time?

SB Nation Soccer's MLS Mock Draft- SB Nation Soccer

Click on your team's picks in the table to get redirected to your teams specific breakdown of that player. For example I click on DC United's projected first round pick, a forward out of the University of Maryland, and it makes things move in my pants. It gave me hours and hours of day dreams about United scoring and Shane crying in a way that caused him severe dehydration and perhaps some water damage to his Pretty Little Liars DVD's.

Three Things About Baseball And Sanctimony- SB Nation

I pledge my undying fealty wherever baseball is concerned to Pat LeBatard.