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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For January 14, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and notes, with a new reality show.

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Julian Finney

Happy Tuesday, Spursland! I had a thought today and I cannot go forward in life without sharing it with you. How much would you pay to get a full season of a reality show featuring Lewis Holtby and Erik Lamela living in a house together? As opposed to a lean-to?

And now the "news"

Sherwood Confident Andros Can Make World Cup Squad- Sky Sports

He need to "get firing". Oh, I don't think we need to worry about him firing. His offensive game has more shots than Golden Eye with that unlimited ammo cheat on.

Sherwood Demands More Leaders-Telegraph

Yeah, leaders! People who will step up and get the job done. People who won't let any obstacle to stand in their way. People like Llana Glazer and Abbi Jacbson from Broad City. Nobody wanted their show (I assume) about being broads while existing in a city so they put it on the internet and people were like, "this isn't horrible" so now Comedy Central is taking their short internet show and making it a long TV show. Leadership, the kind Tim Sherrwood probably meant.

World's Greatest: Ronaldo Takes Home Second Ballon d'Or- Managing Madrid

So if the usual progression of the media is accorded to with this story sometime tonight or tomorrow someone will write a bit bitchy article about how the only reason Ronaldo won was because Messi was out injured for awhile.

Every Goal And Assist From Ronaldo Last Year- SB Nation Soccer

This is the evidence anyone saying the only reason Ronaldo won was because Messi was out is ignoring.

Peyton Just Wants Bud Light, A Local Craft Brewery Responds- SB Nation

Peyton also just wants a whooper, and a Pepsi, and clothes from the gap (suck it, Brees and your dumb wranglers! DON'T YOU GIVE ME THAT V CUT VERSUS U CUT THING THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME.) and he wants Nike shoes, and socks by Golden Toe. Brand loyalty, people.

BMX bandits: A Movie Sort Of About Bikes- SB Nation

Well, this certainly isn't as good at being bad as Thrashin. Or Gleeming The Cube. Or Surf Ninjas. Or Johnny Tsunami. Or Brink. Wow, I'll see you guys in like a week. I got stuff to do.