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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For January 15, 2014

Here there be gators, also a crazy ass transfer idea.

Julian Finney

Happy Thursday, Spursland! I would like to take this time and place to say something crazy. Like really crazy. Like the big boss man is going to send me an email about this crazy.

I think we should sell Sandro.

I know, I know, it's insane, but here is my thinking:

We keep Capoue, who isn't exactly bad at his job, for defensive cover. Sherwood doesn't really like playing an out-and-out defensive midfielder anyway and Sandro is, in all likelihood, going to be lured away in a year or two by a bigger club, if he stays healthy (big if there). The guy is constantly injured with one thing or another, yet I don't think he has that "made of tissue paper" stigma around the world yet. I don't think he is ever going to see a full season of playing time again. I just don't. So lets sell him now or this summer at the latest and get paid. Let him become the injury plague flop for someone else and even if he does go on to great things somewhere else -- somewhere not in England -- well, we still cashed in.

And now the "news"

Podolski Says He Would Rather Retire Than Play For Tottenham- 101 Great Goals

Weird, I think every Spurs supporter has that same desire.

Spurs Set To Bid £4 Million For Fabio Quagliarella- Metro

Sure why not, nobody is reading this far down anyways. Everyone just raced down to the comments section to shit talk me about selling Sandro.

Crotch Goal!- SB Nation Soccer

Not as much crotch in this goal as I would have liked.

Lack Of Transparency At The Heart Of Muarice Edu Mess-SB Nation Soccer

Michael Bradley's deal is worth $50 million? I'd play for Toronto too! Oh yes, and MLS are kill joys, etc., etc.

Here Their Be Gators-SB Nation

My favorite thing about being American is how our people and, really, our land is still pretty wild (Ed. note: I don't know what this sentence means either). Like 14-foot ,1,000 dinosaur looking things with "bullet proof skin" live right next to us and we go out and hunt them for sport. Whether you think hunting is OK or not, this just shows that we still got that wild streak. You can take ole' Nessy up in Scotland and cram it up your whozy-whatsit.  We got monsters in our swimming holes.

The Bandwagon Cam- SB Nation LookIt

So perfect.

The Tannehill's Returned A Rental Car And Left An AR-15 In The Trunk- SB Nation LookIt

if you don't know what and AR-15 is and think it's probably a tiny handgun, maybe it slipped down in between some crap in the back, well an AR-15 is kind of big. As in this is my rifle kind of big. You could kill a gator with this gun.