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Rumors emerge about a Tottenham favorite returning


Ian Walton

It's only, I know, and I also know that Dimitar Berbatov is kind of old and not that great anymore, but GUYS BERBA RUMORS YOU GUYS!

Berbatov is one of my all-time favorite players, mostly because he pulls off constantly looking like he could not care less about being on the pitch while producing magical goals and assists. No one makes the game look easier than Berba, which, of course, leads people to call him lazy. He might be lazy, but he's an awesome kind of lazy.

Here's what Goal's Wayne Veysey had to say about Berbatov and a potential move.

Goal understands that £1.5million-rated Berbatov, whose Fulham contract expires in the summer, is happy at Craven Cottage but is open to the possibility of a return to the club where he played some of the best football of his career.

Berbatov is settled in London and has privately ruled out a switch to anywhere outside of the capital.

It is believed that neither Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger or Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho are interested in the Bulgarian despite their stated need for fresh striker talent.

However, Spurs have now registered their interest in Berbatov, who turns 33 the day before the January window closes.

I'm not sure why Fulham would sell a talented player for £1.5m in the middle of a relegation battle, but to each their own.

Berbatov isn't exactly a replacement for Jermain Defoe, as he's a completely different kind of player, but Spurs are short on strikers. They're also unlikely to find an excellent long-term signing this January. If Berbatov truly is available for a price in the range of £1.5m, he's not bad cover for Emmanuel Adebayor. I'd rather see Harry Kane get some time, but I'm not going to complain about bringing one of my favorites back to the club.

Alas, this is a story with no quotes. Womp womp.