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Nacer Chadli set to stay after talks with Tottenham Hotspur

Belgian winger Nacer Chadli has backed down from his desire to leave the club following talks with the management of Tottenham Hotspur.

Steve Bardens

Yesterday, Nacer Chaldi's agent, Daniel Evrard, claimed that his client might have to leave Tottenham Hotspur in order to ensure his place in Belgium's World Cup squad for the summer. Now, apparently, both the player and his agent have backed down from these claims, following a discussion with Tottenham Hotspur officials. Evrard told the press:

"Nacer has thought about a loan, but after a good conversation with the club, we have decided to stay."

"Spurs is still the best choice. You can't compare Nacer's situation with Kevin De Bruyne's situation at Chelsea, who almost didn't play in the last six months."

"Nacer's always in the squad and gets his minutes. He isn't afraid to lose his place in the Belgian national squad."

While Chadli hasn't played as regularly as he might like, he has featured in 21 total matches for Tottenham Hotspur this season, though 12 of which have been as a substitute. Lately, Chadli has played as a striker in late-game situations, as opposed to his preferred role on the wing. He was handed an opportunity to impress by manager Tim Sherwood back in December, but failed to seize it and like fellow new-signing Erik Lamela, found himself relegated to the bench.

Opinion is split on Chadli. Most folks I see on Twitter would be happy to allow him to walk, but I think he's a useful player to have. He can play all across attacking midfield and, I guess, as a striker as well. I don't think he's Sherwood's preferred option on either flank, but with the way injuries have gone this year and a bunch of Europa League games coming up Chadli will almost certainly play more. In short, I'm glad he's staying. He's a good squad player to have and can (and most likely will) be very useful for Spurs down the stretch.