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Monday Morning Community Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links January 20, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and daily links.

Stu Forster

Happy Monday, Spursland! theroosevelts is MIA and has left you good people without a place to chitchat about barbecue and Game of Thrones, and on his behalf we at Carty Free Cappy humbly apologize. If anyone finds a large hairy gentleman smelling of Mr. Boston and week-old Taco Bell somewhere in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, please return him to CFC headquarters.

I can't be bothered to find any links for you to read, so feel free to post your own.

Play nice.

Edit: the theroosevelts's was found this morning lying unconscious in Abraham Lincoln's lap at the Lincoln memorial. Stapled to his chest was today's Hoddle. We have reproduced the contents below.

Happy Monday Spursland!  And what a delightful Monday.  The sun shines just a bit brighter after a comfortable win.  but there is something fowl afoot in North London.  Can you not smell it?  the smell of a troll.  And not a troll like some of our delightful longtime commenters.  I mean a troll.  Perhaps the world's greatest troll.  Oh sure way back when the folks at Gawker (condescending snobs they are they do great work) named Violentacres, the worlds biggest troll, but this is on another level. Bigger even than whoever told john Wayne he could get away with playingGengis Khan. TIm Sherwood is the world;s greatest troll.  And he trolls one man, and one man only, initials A.V.B.  First he gets wins over, well other teams in the league, on a consistent basis.  Then he does it with players AVB refused to play and those players contribute huge to the wins.  Then he does it with young players so obscure that if you asked most Tottenham fans what position they played they would be hard pressed to give you a solid answer.  But then on Sunday he did something that might put AVB on suicide watch.  This cruel man did all of the above things, while playing AVB's Preferred 4-3-3 and it looked creative and produced goals.  Dude, there are lines and you crossed one.  SMH...up and down in an aggressive manner.

And now the "news"

Van Gaal Admits Spurs Approach-Sky Sports

No thanks I am cool wit Trolly McTrollington.

Moose Celebrates A Goal Buy Wiping Adebayor's Face, Aggressivly-101 Great Goals

Talk about reinventing something facepalm just went from tired cliched internet saying from 8 years ago your dad just found out about to something new and revitalized.  (self redacted awesomeness)

Man United's Horror Season Continues-SB Nation Soccer

7th place and 6 points out of European qualification? This is a horror season.  It's nice to see how the other half lives.

14 Minutes Of Pissed Off Goalies-MMA Mania

Yes my friends hockey, on a site called MMA Mania.  This has been floating around the internet for about a week and normally if I know something cool exists and don't link to it in the next day or two I just never will, I try to keep you guys on the pulse of culture.  But this was just too awesome.  It also demonstrates one of the coolest things about hockey.  Players get to act on their urges towards serious aggression and everyone is  A-OK with that.  Hell even the announcers aren't afraid of having fun with the fighting for fear of the league fining them.  You won't run into that in the NFL.  And what other sport to you need to be proficient in play calling for that sport AND boxing?

Nick Saban Doing The Electric Slide-SB Nation Look It

I didn't watch this, because I value my soul.