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Partnership results in another Real Madrid player rejecting Spurs


Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Real Madrid's young Spanish striker Alvaro Morata has denied reports that he's set to leave the Bernabeu on loan this January.

"Despite all the stories that have emerged, I am happy here," he said. I have spoken with the club and the coach and told them I want to stay here. This is the team I have spent my entire life at and I will stay here and do whatever the club asks of me or needs of me, even if it's to play a minimal amount of games."

R U SERIOUS?! We're supposed to have a partnership with Real Madrid and just because Morata has been there his entire life and wants to stay there suddenly that's more important? He says he'd do "whatever the club asks ... even if it's to play a minimal amount of games." But apparently not if it's "go to London for a few months and help our PARTNERS be better at football and make the Champions League." What gives Real r u 4 real?!?

After they abused our partnership this summer and stole the world's best player from us for peanuts, they continue to stab us in the back right in our faces. First they sold Mesut Ozil to Arsenal, who if they had spent five minutes on twitter they would have realized were our ENEMIES. How is that a partnership? If that's how partners worked then in Lethal Weapon (the good 1) Mel Gibson would have teamed up with Jet Li and Danny Glover would be DEAD.

Some of u might say that Morata staying put is helping our partnership but get with the program. Yes I know that he's been linked with AR5ENA1 more than with us but that's just proves my point hello!! They were going to give two players to the SCUM in 1 year even though they are supposed to be our partners!!!!!!

Daniel Levy u need to end this partnership NOW because if Real keeps having their way then we're going to get worse and worse and then they can just buy our best players for NOTHING every year. And if they keep not giving us anybody even there benchwarmers then why even bother?