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Sherwood, Levy at odds over potential striker transfer?

Generally, the chairman gets what he wants, but it'll be interesting if he listens to Tim Sherwood on this occasion.

Steve Bardens

#BERBAROTICA will return to White Hart Lane if Daniel Levy has his way, but Tim Sherwood is less than thrilled with the idea. At least, that's what The Mirror has come to believe. The tabloid is reporting that Levy has tried to bring Dimitar Berbatov back before and thinks the team needs another striker, while Sherwood doesn't want Emmanuel Adebayor unsettled and seems to think a lot of young Harry Kane.

Asked about a potential Berbatov transfer, Sherwood gave a predictable non-answer that would not insult his chairman, Fulham, the player or his strikers.

"Everyone knows Berba. He is proven in this division. He is a Fulham player and I am not sure what they are thinking about that. But we have options to take us through to the end of the season."

Timmy's got this BS answer thing down. Maybe he has what it takes to stick in the Premier League as the manager of a top club long term.

Anyway, it's obvious that Berbatov would be nothing more than a quick fix. It's easy to see where Levy is coming from, since he'd really like to get top four without spending gobs of money if possible. The same goes for Sherwood, who has already done a lot of work to get Adebayor turned from outcast to key man. Berbatov would play a similar role to Adebayor in Sherwood's system, and he's not likely to be content with being a pure backup.

I've never met Adebayor or Berbatov personally, but I'd like to think that both would be aided by a bit of competition. I'm all for this, but if Sherwood isn't, he probably has a good reason.