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New Capoue rumor is the absolute worst


Giuseppe Bellini

You may or may not know that, in addition to Tottenham Hotspur, I support a few other teams. While Spurs are the only club that I can say I have a serious emotional connection with, I also cheer for D.C. United, Schalke, Cruz Azul and ... Napoli! Yes, the Napoli that are trying to buy Etienne Capoue.

While watching Napoli regularly over the last few years, I have come to very strongly dislike Goran Pandev. I'm not sure he's my least favorite active footballer, but I'm pretty sure he's on my Mount Rushmore. And for some reason, Rafa Benitez prefers him to Lorenzo Insigne. It's the most infuriating thing.

Anyway, sup Forza Italian Football.

Tottenham Hotspur reportedly want Napoli to include forward Goran Pandev in any deal which would see Etienne Capoue move to Italy ... According to Il Mattino, coach Rafael Benitez and sporting director Riccardo Bigon met to discuss the offer and, with the club desperate to strengthen their midfield, both parties were said to be open to sanctioning the deal.

Goran Pandev is infuriating and he's ugly and he smells and he's worse than Harry Kane at literally everything. If we swap Capoue for him, I will for realsies cry. I am not joking.