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Why rumored move for Brazilian international attacker doesn't add up

Spurs are going to sign Bernard lolololol.

Dennis Grombkowski

Bernard is being linked to Tottenham Hotspur. Again.

The 21-year-old Brazilian is brilliant. He's fantastically skilled, quick and has tremendous vision. He also plays as an attacking midfielder, a position where Spurs are already overstocked. He also just moved to Shakhtar Donetsk in the summer. He also, just, Jesus Christ I don't need to continue listing reasons why this move isn't going to happen.

Apparently Bernard thinks his chances of making the World Cup team are diminishing because of his lack of playing time at Shakhtar and wants a move to a club where he can play enough to represent his country when they host the world's biggest sporting event this summer. So the natural link is for him to go to a club with a midfield glut and another young player in Christian Eriksen who plays the same position -- or at least in the same spots -- and is in terrific form. Totes.

Oh, and he's going to do it for £20 million, to a club that spent lavishly this summer and probably doesn't want to make it rain this January. Sounds right.

And if the club is going to make some big signings, it is going to be in defense or forward, but Bernard is the exception to such logic. I believe.

So maybe Bernard isn't going to Spurs?