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Santi Cazorla's apology is even lamer than his stupid face

Dude, just own it. Just say that we suck. It's cool.

Clive Mason

Every fanbase's favorite player is the excellent but not quite world class guy who other fanbases don't quite appreciate. This describes Arsenal's entire team, so it's fairly difficult for one player to break away from the pack and cement themselves as a legend among the fans. When this picture of Santi Cazorla was circulated around the internet, he had a chance to become that player.

This simmered for a couple of days and everyone got a chuckle. No one was offended. Then, this.

You know what I'd respect? If you owned it. If you said "I held up that sign because Tottenham suck." I'd respect the hell out of that.

What is the point of this apology anyway? Did the club or his agent ask him to apologize? Did he genuinely anger a sponsor? I'm not really a fan of Twitter #epicbantz, but this was genuinely funny, especially from Arsenal's sixth best attacking player.