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Let's all laugh at Etienne Capoue's agent

You are wrong. Sit there and be wrong in your wrongness.

Clive Rose

We've said it quite a few times when agents say dumb things, but this is a point worth reiterating: It's understandable that agents say dumb things. They don't have to believe the words coming out of their mouths. They're just trying to get some combination of a lot of money, a lot of playing time and a spot at a big club for their clients. This requires half-truths and outlandish statements.

Still, there's something hilarious about the comments one of Etienne Capoue's representitives made on French radio. See, Tottenham Hotspur won't let Martha Fischer's client go to Napoli at the cheap price that Aurelio De Laurentiis wants to pay, so she's complaining.

"The problem is not the player or Napoli -Tottenham just want a lot of money. What they're asking for is absurd. But we are only on January 21 and there is still hope."

Except it's not absurd, because they bought your client less than six months ago, at which point he signed a long-term contract. So shut up. Thanks!