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Previous defender target might be available again

Toby Alderweireld opted to go to Atletico Madrid instead of a Premier League side this summer. He's not getting playing time at Atleti, and he wants to move elsewhere.


Tottenham Hotspur, along with half the Premier League, was linked to Belgian defender Toby Alderweireld in the summer. Everyone 'round these parts seems to like the idea of more Belgians, and it would be cool to reunite Jan Vertonghen with his former Ajax central defense buddy. Unfortunately, Alderweireld chose to make a move to Atletico Madrid.

Generally, as the third central defender at a big club, you get lots of chances. Your team is trying to win three or more trophies and guys get injured. Form comes and goes.

These rules do not apply to Miranda and Diego Godin, who are aliens.

Because Miranda and Godin are aliens, Alderweireld is annoyed about never playing. Here's what he had to say to Sport-1, with translation from talkSPORT. So these could be garbage, but his agent hasn't issued a denial yet, so let's act like they're real.

"I miss Ajax, their style of play, my ex-teammates - at Atleti, I can't be happy if I'm not playing. The team is doing well and I continue to fight for my place, but I don't think it's my fault."

You want to play? You miss your ex-teammates? I know a team that has an ex-teammate and needs a central defender pretty badly!

If Alderweireld is available for the right price, I'm interested. He didn't magically become crap because he's sitting behind two excellent defenders who never get hurt and rarely make mistakes. He's still an excellent player, and probably still worth somewhere in the eight figures.

Go cause more of a stink, Toby.