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Tottenham's Y-word statement, translated

Because you're not a lawyer or PR professional.

Julian Finney

Tottenham Hotspur released a statement about the three people who have been charged with crimes for use of the Y-word. It's full of PR and lawyer speak, which isn't a bad move at all, but I figured we could translate it for you.

The Club conducted sentiment research on the use of the Y word amongst our supporters during October last year. We received 11,500 responses and should like to thank fans for the many well-considered and sincere expression of views. We have spent time ensuring that each and every response submitted was read by the team of personnel dealing with this issue at the Club.

We're not just reacting emotionally. We've dived deep into what the word means for people and the context in which it's being used. We probably know more about this than anyone else.

The Club took the decision, with legal advice, not to issue the findings of the research whilst the cases against our fans were progressing so as not to prejudice the proceedings in any way, and in light of yesterday's developments, this remains the position.

We shall continue to monitor these cases as they proceed.

We'd like to tell everyone why this is ridiculous BS, but we have really smart lawyers.

At this point in time, whilst we believe that our fans do not use the word with any deliberate intent to offend, we would once again remind our fans that the Metropolitan Police has stated that the use of the word can be considered a criminal offence on the basis that it can cause offence and we would ask that supporters are mindful of their use of the word.

We know you're not racist, but we don't make the rules. We can't protect you from the cops. If the cops say something is going to get you arrested, please don't do that thing. It's wrong, but we'd really rather have you not get arrested.

We shall provide more guidance ahead of the Man City game following a meeting with the Police in advance of the match. Please check club channels for updates.

We're going to remind you again that you should not say the Y-word, as stupid as this sounds to you, because it might get you arrested.

Please be assured we shall also be discussing with the Police, once again, the importance of adopting a zero tolerance position on anti-Semitic abuse.

Just because we think it's wrong to arrest Spurs fans for chanting the word doesn't mean we're going to accept any and all use of it.