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Spurs reportedly issue Capoue ultimatum

Napoli have supposedly issued a final offer, and it doesn't seem like we're going to be okay with it.

Clive Mason

TuttoMercatoWeb brings us a story from Il Mattino about Etienne Capoue, and it seems like Napoli is tired of screwing around. According to the Italian outlet, Napoli have made a final bid of €10.5 million for the French defensive midfielder and have informed Tottenham that it's their final offer. Spurs reportedly want €15m, even though they paid €11m for Capoue this summer and don't appear to have him in their plans going forward.

If Napoli actually want Capoue and Spurs actually want to get rid of him, it seems like Spurs could say they want €11m, Napoli could say okay and we could call it a deal. But we're talking about Aurelio Di Laurentiis and Daniel Levy, so something that sensible is virtually impossible.

Whether or not Spurs sell will probably depend on how badly Tim Sherwood wants to get rid of him. If he tells Levy that he'll rot in the reserves forever, it doesn't make any sense to turn down eight figures. If Sherwood just doesn't prefer him at the moment, but plans on keeping him on the fringes of the first team picture, he might be worth hanging on to.

In any event, I'm sick of this story and I've lost all emotional attachment to Capoue. Sell him or don't.