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Link to Juventus youngster doesn't add up

I'm not particularly sure why Juventus would sell Domenico Berardi, but sure, Tottenham Hotspur are buying him, whatever.

Giuseppe Bellini

Meet Domenico Berardi. He's a 19-year-old Italian striker, currently on loan at Sassuolo -- who also co-own him -- from Juventus. He's having an absolutely monster season, scoring 11 goals thus far in Serie A. He was very solid in Serie B last season, so it's likely that this is a case of him continuing to progress, not being a flash in the pan. Dude's really good.

Juventus also have a bunch of forwards that are old, overpaid or both. Mirko Vucinic and Fabio Quagliarella are probably both going to exit sometime over the next two windows, while Juve would probably be happy to take some money for Sebastian Giovinco too. There's going to be a spot for Berardi in the Juventus team next season. Juventus also don't need money that bad.

That's why Metro's story linking Tottenham Hotspur to Berardi doesn't make a whole lot of sense. They claim that Spurs would have to spend £15m to get him, which isn't a lot of money given his talent and how he's played lately. And here's the most insane part of this story.

Reports in Italy claim that he could include Etienne Capoue in the deal.

Juventus would only want Etienne Capoue if they sold one of Paul Pogba, Arturo Vidal or Claudio Marchisio. All of those players could collect very large transfer fees if they were sold. If that happened, Juventus really, really wouldn't need the money they'd get for Berardi.

Unless something drastic has happened in the Juventus front office or they know something about Berardi's personality that we don't, there's no reason for them to sell him. He's probably going to get a shot to play for them next year. I'll be stunned if Berardi gets sold this window or next.