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Where in the world is Franco Baldini? Italy, apparently.

Well he sneaks around the world from Kiev to Carolina...

Michael Regan

Your favorite jet-setting Italian Director of Football is trying to secure new players for Tottenham Hotspur, or perhaps sell some off. Most of Spurs' potential sales and departures during the January window have been related to Serie A, so it should come as no surprise that The Daily Mail is reporting that Baldini has headed to Italy.

Tottenham have been looking at bringing in another striker but, despite Tim Sherwood's hopes of buying British, they may still find the better quality is abroad.

They have been offered Fabio Quagliarella of Juventus, Inter Milan's unhappy-but-versatile midfielder Fredy Guarin and Hulk. Guarin is not on the wanted list nor is he at Manchester United. Tottenham technical director Franco Baldini, however, is apparently due in Italy on Friday night.

Of course, he could be headed down there on personal business, but sure, he's out making deals! Yay!

Spurs have been trying to offload Etienne Capoue to Napoli, apparently, and probably want to suck a bit more out of Aurelio De Laurentiis than he decided to commit in his €10.5m "final offer". There's also Guarin and Quagliarella, who are mentioned above, and Sassuolo/Juventus man Domenico Berardi. So Baldini could be in Italy to visit five different cities. Or none of them.

Or he could just have a layover in Italy on his way to a holiday!

Play us out, Rockapella.